Ultraman Blazar The Movie: Tokyo Kaiju Showdown (2024)

Ultraman Blazar The Movie: Tokyo Kaiju Showdown (2024)


Released: 2024
Character Appearance:
A wave of kaiju emerges from an industrial zone, prompting the Special Kaiju Reaction Detachment (SKaRD) lead by Captain Gento to engage in the relentless battle. Yet despite their efforts, the endless kaiju attack continues. Suspecting a link to Necromass Co., an advanced chemical company that researches kaiju carcasses and owns factories in the industrial zone, SKaRD rushes to the company’s CEO and renowned chemist, Dr. Mabuse.

At Necromass Co.’s research facility, Dr. Mabuse explains the development of the damudoxin, a substance on the brink of achieving immortality. Meanwhile, the “Damunos,” who claims themselves as the “ruler of the universe” shows up! Chaos ensues when damudoxin leaks from the destroyed tanks, consuming samples of kaiju carcasses and giving rise to the giant DemoniCarcass Kaiju, Gongilgan.
Set in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, Ultraman Blazar and SKaRD clash in a showdown against the giant kaiju!

Tomoya Warabino, Himena Tsukimiya, Konomi Naito, Hayate Kajihara, Yuki Ito, Kisuke Iida, Maya Okano, Haru Iwakawa, Ritsuto Morishima / Voice Starring: Akira Ishida

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