Alien Baltan

An evil alien that plotted to rule over the Universe. Alien Baltan has several abilities including the Biobeam, a blue beam attack, and an Anti-Gravity Wave emitted from his claws.

Alien Baltan boarded a saucer in cocoon form. After breaking through the Earth’s atmosphere, Alien Baltan hid inside a vacant building in Los Angeles and killed a police officer who entered the building on patrol. However, the alien was discovered by WINR Captain Edlund and his team who came to investigate, so Alien Baltan escaped through an underground tunnel. Later Edlund and the team fired at Alien Baltan and the alien responded by growing to giant form and began destroying the city.

Alien Baltan was hit by WINR Rick’s bazooka and knocked over but got straight back up. Ultraman Powered arrived to fight the alien. Alien Baltan fired a bio beam from the sky, but Powered reflected it back at the alien, knocking him to the ground. In the end, Alien Baltan was hit with a Mega Spacium Beam and exploded.


Alias: Space Ninja
Height: Micro - 65m
Weight: 0 - 23,000t
Homeworld: Planet Baltan

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