Alien Bat

An Alien that flew to Earth with the Space Dinosaur Zetton II to eliminate Ultraman Jack, also known as Hideki Go, as part of its “Ultraman Annihilation Plan”. Alien Bat is not a powerful fighter but uses his intelligence to execute his ingenious schemes.

Alien Bat appeared before Hideki in human size after calling him to the baseball stadium where he was keeping Jiro Sakata and Rumiko Murano hostage. It taunted Hideki with the hostages and then goaded Hideki into fighting against Zetton II, but Ultraman convinced him to remain calm and Alien Bat left. Next, Alien Bat orders Zetton II to attack Tokyo and then snuck into the MAT base while they dealt with Zetton. Alien Bat detonated the base’s nuclear reactor and disabled MAT’s weapons and explosives, then announced it would execute the hostages at 5pm.

However, at the stadium Captain Ibuki throws a knife into Alien Bat’s chest, and Alien Bat turns into a giant as he falls from the stands. Alien Bat teamed up with Zetton II against Ultraman Jack but was killed by Jack’s Ultra Cross attack.


Alias: Antenna Alien
Height: 2.3 - 43m
Weight: 80kg - 28,000t
Homeworld: Planet Bat

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