Alien Cannan Herbie

An alien with a gold beetle-like face, who owns a ray gun that shoots the Aurora Beam. The Aurora Beam can awaken negative emotions in all machines and manipulate them. The Cannan aliens plan to launch a world-wide uprising by the machines via shooting the Aurora Beam from their spaceship, disguised as a giant central power tower at a wind power plant. The plan includes using Earth Garon to gain ground control. To achieve the full potential of Earth Garon, they contacted Yasunobu in an attempt to involve someone with outstanding mechanic skills. Negotiations fell apart but Earth Garon was shot by the Aurora Beam and was taken control, fighting against SKaRD.

Alien Cannan’s Spaceship

Alien Cannan’s spaceship is disguised as one of the power tower at a wind power plant, its turbine blades shoot the Aurora beam. The top part of the central tower has the control room, in addition to Herbie, there are two other Alien Cannans. The Aurora Beam is in conjunction with the rotation of wind turbine blades. If emitted at maximum power, it would cover Japan in about 2 hours and spread to the entire world in 28 hours.



Alias: The Aurora Phantom
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 62 kg

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