Alien Chibull

An alien that planned to rule the Earth with its plan to control earthling children dubbed “Android 0 Command”. Alien Chibull’s brain developed at the expense of giving it an atrophied body and so it has almost no combat capabilities.

Alien Chibull prepared for the plan for a year, disguising itself as an old man and selling toys to children that were secretly powerful, state-of-the-art weapons. At the same time, it ordered its underling, an android girl named Zero One, to assassinate Dan Moroboshi aka Ultraseven incase he disrupted its plans.

However Zero One mistook Furuhashi for Dan and attacked him, prompting Dan and the others to investigate the area. Alien Chibull decided to put its plan into action. It ordered Zero One to lure Dan and Soga to a department store late at night and attacked them with toy tanks and battleships, but was unable to prevent Dan from transforming into Ultraseven and destroying Zero One. Alien Chibull immediately reveals itself and attacks, but is powerless against Ultraseven and defeated by his Emerium Beam.


Alias: Brain Alien
Height: 2m
Weight: 500kg

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