Alien Cool

An alien race that had been abducting humans as research specimens for several years as part of their Earth Invasion plan. They are the first aliens that Ultraseven fights on Earth. Alien Cools are very intelligent and they attack enemies using their flying saucers equipped with cloaking technology.

When Alien Cool learned that the Terrestrial Defense Force had launched an investigation into reports of missing-person cases, it attacked Soga and Furuhashi who came to investigate with its invisible saucer and then took out their Pointer vehicle. They then demanded the TDF to lay down their arms and surrender, but when the TDF refused Alien Cool wiped out an industrial district in the Tokyo-Yokohama area and threatened to attack the city directly.

The TDF equipped the Ultra Hawk No. 1 with a special spray device that neutralized the camouflage of Alien Cool’s ship so they could land an attack. The saucer landed in the mountains counter-shooting the Ultra Hawk No. 1 down with a beam attack. Several smaller saucers flew out from the main ship to continue the attack. They defeated Dan’s capsule monster Windom when it stood in their way, but didn’t see Ultraseven sneak aboard one of the smaller saucers. When it returned to the mothership he finished off Alien Cool using his Eye Slugger.


Alias: Space Hunter
Height: 2m
Weight: 75kg

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