Alien Magma

A warmongering alien that destroyed Ultraman Leo’s homeworld, Planet L77. Alien Magma has a violent personality, favoring destruction and slaughter. They plan to enslave the entire known universe.

Alien Magma set its sights on Earth and sent the Twin Monsters Red Giras and Black Giras to fight against Ultraseven. Alien Magma revealed itself and dealt Ultraseven a wound so great he could no longer transform, but was then attacked by Ultraman Leo. The two exchanged blows evenly matched and Alien Magma retreated.

Alien Magma eventually returned with the Giras Brothers to attack again. In this second battle, Black Giras was defeated by Leo so Alien Magma fled.

Days later, Alien Magma reappeared on Earth following the beautiful monster Rolan, demanding her hand in marriage. After Rolan refused, Ultraman Leo arrived to save her and used a pinwheel to impale Alien Magma, killing it.


Alias: Saber Tyrant
Height: 1.9m - 57m
Weight: 75kg - 22,000t
Homeworld: Planet Magma

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