Alien Vira

An alien that proclaimed itself as the ruler of the entire galaxy. Using its Time Stopping Beam Alien Bira can make time pause for the beam’s target.

To begin its invasion, Alien Bira used its Time Stopping Beam to pause time for a supersonic cruise ship carrying the gifted scientist Professor Yushima, and took control of him by transplanting part of Alien Bira’s consciousness. That night as Professor Yushima was resting in his hotel, Alien Bira controlled him into tampering with a device he had developed dubbed the Yushima Diode and tasked him with using it to destroy the radar in the TDF’s Far East base. The next day all went according to plan and the radar system was destroyed, so next it ordered Yushima to destroy all of the Ultra Hawks inside the base while Alien Bira called on its fleet of ships to commence the attack against Earth. However, Dan happened to overhear Yushima communicating with Alien Bira and transformed into Ultraseven to stop him from destroying the Ultra Hawks.

After Ultraseven ahd Ultra Hawk No 1 destroy the Alien Bira fleet, one emerged from the wreckage and transformed into a giant. Alien Bira attacked Ultraseven with toxic gas and yellow beams fired from its mouth, and even managed to stop Ultraseven from moving with its Time Stopping Beam, but in the end it was cut in half by an attack from his Eye Slugger.


Alias: Space Shrimp-man
Height: 1.8 - 40m
Weight: 100kg - 10,000t

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