Black End

The largest and strongest final Saucer Creature. Black End attacks by spewing flames from its mouth, its long tail, and its large horns.

Black End appeared from within the Black Star and flew to Earth undetected where it hid underground. The creature then caused a huge earthquake in South Tokyo. After toppling the surrounding buildings, the Black Directive ordered Black End to come above ground. Calling out Ultraman Leo’s name, Black End laid waste to the city with its flames, but when Leo failed to appear Black End returned underground.

The next day, Black End was called out again by the Black Directive after it found Gen Otori aka Ultraman Leo, and the creature attacked Gen and Toru with flames. In its fight against Leo, Black End seems to lose the advantage when Leo tore off one horn, but Black Directive took Toru hostage and regained the upperhand, threatening Toru to torment Leo. Toru was able to steal Black Directive’s crystal ball and hand it to Leo. In the end, Leo threw back the crystal ball of energy at Black End, killing the monster in an explosion.


Alias: Organic Saucer
Height: 55m
Weight: 29,000t
Homeworld: Black Star

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