A robot sent to Earth by the Alien Banda race who planned to steal automobiles to convert into natural resources for their home planet. Crazygon is equipped with a giant claw for its right arm and can fire beams from its forehead.

Crazygon set its sight on the mountain roads in Hakone in eastern Japan after hearing of gridlocks over the radio. It emitted a thick fog and then stole 30 cars off the road. The following day a city highway was similarly engulfed in fog but Ultra Hawk No. 1 managed to disperse the fog and Crazygon’s identity was revealed. Ultraseven appeared to stop it from stealing any more cars and it fled.

The Ultra Guard lured Crazygon out in the open with fake traffic reports and tricked it into stealing cars trapped with a unique “Sparium Bomb”. Once it returned to its space station to drop off the stolen cards the Ultra Guard detonated the bombs. Crazygon emerged unscathed but lost its commanding officer in the explosion. It then showed signs of erratic behavior in its programming and flew back to the city to attack it.

Crazygon overpowered Ultraseven when he came to stop it, but Ultraseven put his life on the line with his Step Shot Tactics attack to damage it and make Crazygon explode.


Alias: Robot Monster
Height: 42m
Weight: 32,000t

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