Dark Zagi

The true identity of the Unknown Hand, the dark force with the power to regenerate and evolve Space Beasts. It has the ability to generate Dark Field G, which increases the Beasts’ power, and can also release destructive beams such as Lightning Zagi.

Originally the ultimate weapon against the Beasts, it was created by the Visitors in the form of the Giant of Light who saved their home planet from the Beasts’ attack. However, it went out of control after awakening to its distorted ego, causing the Beasts to multiply and evolve.

After the Visitors destroyed their home planet with their own hands, it flew to earth as the light of evilness. After a long wait, it finally achieved resurrection and began destruction, before entering into battle with Ultraman Nexus.


Alias: the Dark God of Destruction
Height: 50 meters
Weight: 55,000 tons

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