A monster created by Gudis Cells. The cells created the monster from the Aboriginal Australian legend of “A wind genie that appears to punish people when the earth is angered”. Degunja creates dust devil whirlwinds to traverse the outback. It is covered in thick hair that nullifies attacks, and is as strong as Ultraman Great. Degunja also attacks with lightning bolt beams fired from the tips of its fingers.

A hunters’ car was torn to pieces by a dust devil in the outback. Jack Shindo and Lloyd came to investigate when another dust devil began to chase them and the pair fled. They met Lloyd’s friend Mudjudi who performed a sealing ritual that stopped the whirlwind from moving. When the UMA’s Hummers fired on the whirlwind, Degunja’s true form was revealed. The Hummer’s attacked again and when Degunja fired lighting bolts to render them inoperable, Ultraman Great appeared to fight the monster.

Degunja reflected Great’s Palm Shooter and overwhelmed it with lightning bolt beams. Great used the lightning energy to power his Magnum Shoot, and Degunja split from the Gudis Cells and disappeared.


Alias: Wind Genie
Height: 89m
Weight: 74,000t

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