A kaiju with wings like a triangular all-winged aircraft, which generates an eerie sonic boom in the dark night and flies at a speed of Mach 9.
Projectiles are fired from the luminous part of the chest.

Deltandal uses the cumulonimbus clouds around the world as a nest to hide in.
Every time a cumulonimbus cloud disappears, it repeats its habit of moving out of the atmosphere to find another one.

Given its odd shape and the fact that the Deltandal moved at high speed in low orbit outside the atmosphere and damaged several satellites in low orbit, the upper echelons of the Global Guardian Force initially assumed that the Deltandal was a space kaiju in the same category as the Bazanga and Gebalga.
However, the nucleotide sequence obtained from the molted husk of a Deltandal found in the soil of a collapsed mountain surface revealed that Deltandal is a kaiju originating on Earth.



Alias: Moonlight Kaiju
Height: 45 meters
Weight: 14,000 tons

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