A cyborg dinosaur and mobile artillery created by the Invasion Alien known as Alien Kill as part of its plan to invade the Earth. As the name suggests, its lower half is a tank and aside from using cannon fire from its tank half, Dinosaur Tank can also attack by swinging its long tail and shooting destructive beams from its eyes.

Despite Alien Kill’s repeated efforts to stop the development of the Terrestrial Defense Force’s cutting edge incendiary explosive codename Spinder, the new explosive was brought out to a testing ground. Dinosaur Tank appeared from underground and picked up the Spiner to stop the tests before they began.

Dinosaur Tank began to fight with Ultraseven when he came to save the people stuck at the testing grounds and changed course to stop him, but once Ultraseven got the people to safety, it immediately began attacking and damaged Ultraseven by hitting him with its tail.

However, Ultraseven climbed on its back and counterattacked, making Dinosaur Tank drop the explosive to the ground. Dinosaur Tank headed straight for the explosive to take it back but Ultraseven fired at it using his Ultra Shot which hit the Spiner dead on and both it and Dinosaur Tank were blown to pieces.


Alias: Tank Monster
Height: 60m
Weight: 70,000t

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