Garon and Littre

The older brother of a pair of monsters, Garon fights alongside its younger brother Littre. Their combo makes them almost invincible. Garon can spit firework-like explosives from its mouth and relies mostly on rockets to attack.

Garon appeared in Tokyo and began destroying the city with its fireworks, and then shot down the Maccy 3 jets. Garon fought Ultraman Leo when he arrived but lost the advantage. When an attack by MAC cut off his escape route, Garon used his telepathy to call Littre to the rescue. The monster brothers used combination attacks to completely overpower Leo and injure the Ultra.

Dan Moroboshi rushed to the scene and used his Ultra Psychokinesis to confuse the monsters which sent them running underground. However, they reappeared in another district and toyed with Leo, taking advantage of his injury. At that moment Astra came to support Leo and the Ultra Brothers turned the tables. Garon and Littre were hit by Leo and Astra’s combined Ultra Double Flasher attack and exploded.

The younger brother of a pair of monsters, Littre fights alongside its older brother Garon. Their combo makes them almost invincible. Littre is more violent and aggressive than its brother. Littre is tremendously strong and fires firework-like rockets from its mouth.

Littre made its first appearance in Tokyo when its brother summoned Littre via telepathy. Garon had suffered repeated attacks from Ultraman Leo and MAC and was unable to escape. Littre attacked the hospital where a boy that Gen Otori aka Ultraman Leo had saved was staying. Leo stopped Littre, but Leo was injured by the combined attacks from the monster brothers. However at that moment, Captain Dan Moroboshi saw Leo in trouble and used his Ultra Psychokinesis to knock the monsters over. The pair retreated underground.

Littre and Garon reappeared in another district in Tokyo and assaulted Leo in a combined attack. Suddenly Ultraman Astra appeared and the monster pairs entered a 2 vs 2 fight. Leo and Garon were quickly put on the defensive by the Ultra brothers’ combined attacks. In the end, Littre was blown up alongside his brother after being hit by Leo and Astra’s Ultra Double Flasher.


Alias: Big Brother Monster
Height: 63m
Weight: 42,000t

Alias: Little Brother Monster
Height: 58m
Weight: 37,000t

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