One of the Gomorasaurus, a species of ancient dinosaur that lived in the marshlands 18 billion years ago. Gomora was found in a fossilized state in the Andes in Chile and put on display in Metro Museum’s courtyard. However, a downpour allowed the monster to rehydrate and Gomora disappeared into the night.

The Worldwide Investigation Network Response (WINR) discovered the monster east of the Whiteland river heading north. WINR dropped a sleeping gas bomb from their Strike VTOL and Gomora passed out.

WINR used their giant mobile mothership, the Sky Hunter’s turbo-crane to transport Gomora, but the sleeping gas wore off and Gomora broke free and fell to the ground. Then, Gomora destroyed a residential area while in search of the river. The monster put up a fight against Ultraman Powered, but was unsteady on his feet and eventually died from exhaustion.


Alias: Ancient Monster
Height: 65m
Weight: 56,000t

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