A monster that appeared out of the “legend of destruction” that has been told since ancient times. Kodalar fires beams from its hands, and can absorb beams and other attacks from enemies, and return them in the form of light orbs.

Kodalar awakened in the deep-sea after the Earth itself willed for the destruction of humanity for their continued destruction of the natural world. Kodalar swam to the surface and attacked several fishing boats. Kodalar later learned that a plate from an ancient civilization had been taken and pursued them to the coastline. The UMA deployed Hummers to attack the monster, but their attacks had no effect. Ultraman Great arrived, but just as the fight began, Kodalar absorbed Great’s Magnum Shoot attack and fired it back, defeating the Ultra.

Kodalar appeared at the coastline again and joined the Legendary Space Monster Kilazee in destroying the town. Great appeared to fight Kodalar again, and held Kodalar in place with a punch. UMA fired a beam attack from their Tulsar Cannon which Kodalar absorbed and fired back. However, the UGM had equipped the cannon with a metallic reflective plate. Kodalar was hit by the reflected beam attack and exploded.


Alias: Legendary Deep-Sea Monster
Height: 62m
Weight: 94,000t

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