A monster that lived on Planet Mururoa, two hundred million kilometers from Earth, also known as the Space Moths . Mururoa hates light and commands a swarm of light-seeking space months. It spews “Whiter Spray”, an acidic liquid from its mouth, and can emit an “atomic fog”, a black smokescreen that blocks out light.

A group of European countries develop the Tron Bomb and chose Mururoa’s homeworld to test its explosive capabilities. Mururoa flew to Earth seeking revenge. It began by destroying a French space station in orbit then shot down a commercial flight in the skies above Wakayama. Next, Mururoa destroyed an industrial complex, dissolved the ZAT dispatched Condor 1 with its Whiter Spray, and knocked the Sky Whale out of the sky.

When Ultraman Taro arrived to fight it, Mururoa repelled the Ultra with its Whiter Spray. Then Mururoa covered the entire Earth in darkness with its atomic fog and destroyed lighthouses and any other buildings emitting light. When Mururoa’s path of destruction brought to an industrial complex, ZAT Member Ueno planted the new experimental bomb “AZ1974” and Mururoa died in an explosion.


Alias: Great Space Monster
Height: 62m
Weight: 39,000t
Homeworld: Planet Mururoa

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