The Armored Shell Kaiju usually lives underground. With a ferocious character, it sometimes appears above ground to attack humans and livestock, which is why SKIP has continued to take measures against it.

The one confirmed this time has an unusual tendency — it appears at a different time, and despite being a carnivore, it eats stalactites and grows rapidly. Therefore, it was discovered that this Shagong has been parasitized by Oo-ze, the Extraterrestrial Parasitic Organism, which changes hosts to ingest calcium carbonate as a source of nutrition.

When it emerged from a cave on Mount Shishio, it was 5 meters tall, but feeding on asphalt and clay pipes while moving underground, it grew to 20 meters, and soon to 50 meters when it blasted through a plant refining calcium carbonate. This rapid growth is caused by the hormones secreted by Oo-ze and the abundant food intake.

Its strong shell protects its body like armor and can unleash countless crescent-shaped slashes. It also unleashes flash (Shagon Flash) and electric attack (Shagon Spark) from the luminescent parts in the shell area on both sides of its face, and shoots bubbling strong acid (Shagon Acid) as it stretches out its neck.


Alias: the Armored Shell Kaiju
Height: 5 - 54 meters
Weight: 30,000 - 47,000 tons

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