The Sphere are mysterious floating space objects with a distinct orb-like shape. Many varieties of Sphere have been identified, like the enormous King Sphere, the Sphere Soldiers that lead sphere attacks, the Spheresaurus formed from the merging of multiple Sphere Soldiers, and the Sphere Synthetic Beasts created when Spheres merge with the monsters found on Earth. The five King Spheres that suddenly appeared on Earth used swarms of Sphere Soldiers to attack the Earth while they disassembled into a particle state to create a barrier that engulfed the Earth. These enormous, mysterious King Spheres covered the sky like a mirage, releasing particles that glimmer with the same light as the Sphere across the sky and around the entire planet. However, the sky returned to normal in an instant making it impossible to see this effect from the ground. The Sphere barrier is however very much visible beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, and once the TPU cross through the barrier to and from space, they become unable to communicate leaving them helpless against Sphere attacks and bereft of any fighting power.

King Sphere
The enormous type of Sphere that appeared on different spots all around Earth a year ago. Five confirmed sightings were made, and each disassembled into particles that engulfed the Earth to create the Sphere Barrier.

Sphere Soldiers
Small-scale floating objects that make up the King Sphere’s advanced guard. They move in a swarm and attack the Earth with their light beams. They are also believed to have created the barrier along with the King Sphere.


Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown

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