Ultraman Agul

Ultraman Agul

A Giant of Light glowing with the blue light of the sea. His power was bestowed upon him by the will of the Earth itself to defend the Earth against the deadly assaults by the Radical Destruction Bringer. Agul was born when former Alchemy Stars member Hiroya Fujiyama was bathed in a blue light. He was experimenting with an unidentified particle observation sensor while working at the space research facility Pronon Calamos, and received the power of Agul from the will of the Earth itself.
He uses a diverse range of attacks, such as his special attack the Photon Crusher, and his Agul Blade which is powerful in close quarters. His power sometimes allows him to best even Ultraman Gaia.
Although he has the same conviction to protect the Earth like Gamu Takayama (Ultraman Gaia), they start out as enemies. This is because he believes that destroying humanity is an unfortunate but necessary step to accomplish that goal. However, through his battles against the Radical Destruction Bringer he comes to see that his ideas are flawed, entrusts his power to Gaia, and is never seen again.


Height - 52m
Weight - 46,000 t

Special Moves : Agul Stream
Photon Screw : Agul Saber

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