Alien Cannan

Attempting to conquer the Arctic, Alien Cannan launched an invasion on Earth with three of their species. Their spaceship disguised as lighthouses and fired aurora-like rays taking control of nearby planes that caused numerous collision accidents.

When Ultra Guard started to investigate the collision accidents, Alien Cannan used special magnetic waves to render Ultra Hawk 3 and attempted to make it collide with a passenger plane.

Dan summoned Windom, however, Windom was too controlled by Alien Cannan with the mysterious rays, pitting it against its master.

Afterwards, Ultraseven used the Emerium Awakening Beam to restore Windom to its normal state and returned it to its capsule. The invaders attempted to escape in their spaceship, but they were pursued and shot down with the Wide Shot.


Alias: The Aurora Phantom
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 62 kg

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