Alien Shadow

A group of aliens that came to Earth and planned to destroy the Terrestrial Defense Force’s underground super weapon development facility in warehouse 03 as the beginning of their attack on Earth. Alien Shadow possess technology that can make themselves and their spacecraft turn invisible, and they control the Deadly Poisonous Monster Gabura.

A fortune teller in town named Yasui predicted the destruction of Warehouse 03 so Alien Shadow tried to run him over with a dump truck, but they failed when he was rescued by the Ultra Guard. Later they kidnaped Yasui after he came home from the TDF base and proceeded with their plans to blow up the warehouse. However, the group of Alien Shadow allowed Dan Moroboshi and Amagi to infiltrate the Alien Shadow base and take out their comrades, so they took Yasui into their spacecraft and attempted to flee.

They were shot down by Ultraseven and pretended to surrender while they sent out Gabura to attack him, but after Gabura was defeated they surrendered again and let Yasui go. Just then, they manipulated the severed head of Gabura to attack Ultraseven, but the Ultra fires a hand beam, exploding the spacecraft and wiping out the remaining Alien Shadow.


Alias: Space Guerrilla
Height: 2m
Weight: 70kg

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