Alien Hipporit

An alien that called itself “the strongest organism in the galaxy” and planned to invade Earth. Alien Hipporit spews gusts of wind and flame from his mouth, and fires a Shock Beam from his antenna.

Alien Hipporit showed itself by projecting a copy of himself on a photochemical smog he released in Tokyo. It demanded humanity hand over Ultraman Ace, then attacked the city with gusts and flames before disappearing. Later, Alien Hipporit projected its copy to attack the city again, but Hiroshi Hokuto and Yuko Minami found the real Alien Hipporit hiding in a valley. Hokuto transforms into Ultraman Ace and attacks. Ace is captured inside the alien’s Hipporit Capsule and turned into a bronze statue. The Ultra Brothers came to save Ace, but Alien Hipporit captured all of them and turned them to bronze as well. He then demanded TAC surrender the Earth and disappeared.

Later, Alien Hipporit faced an all-out attack from the members of TAC when Father of Ultra appeared to fight him. Father of Ultra is tired from the long journey to Earth so Alien Hipporit quickly begins to win. However, the Father of Ultra sacrificed his life to revive Ultraman Ace. Alien Hipporit is weakened by furious attacks from Ace and pinpoint attacks from TAC. In the end he is killed in an explosion after being hit by Ace’s Metalium Beam.


Alias: Inferno Alien
Height: 50m
Weight: 63,000t
Homeworld: Planet Hipporit

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