A Terrible-Monster that long ago drained the moon of its magma energy and destroyed the ancient lunar civilization. Lunaticks then traveled to Earth’s magma layer, only emerging once a year on the night of the October full moon. Lunaticks absorbs magma into its mouth and spews out gas and incredibly hot fire. Its “Eye Bomb” allows Lunaticks to launch both eyes and detonate them.

On the night of the full moon, Lunaticks emerged from underground near the Hakone-Kamiyama mountain region. TAC arrived to fight Lunaticks, but their TAC Space was destroyed by Lunaticks’ eye bomb. The TAC Arrows hit Lunaticks with a missile and it escaped back underground.

After that, Ultraman Ace tunneled underground to fight the monster. Lunaticks spat fire and launched its eye bomb, which stunned Ace just long enough for Lunaticks to escape above-ground. Ace followed, so Lunaticks attacked him with poisonous gas, but Ace used his Ace Lifter to throw Lunaticks directly into Magma and Lunaticks was engulfed in flames.


Alias: Full Moon Terrible-Monster
Height: 58m
Weight: 63,000t

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