Alien Zarab

An Alien who claims that its job is to use its transformation abilities to cause the inhabitants of its target planet to fight among themselves and fall into despair. Alien Zarab are very intelligent and use light orbs and sonic waves as their weapons.

It first gained humanity’s trust by making a radioactive mist disappear from Tokyo, then by leading an “off-course” Saturn Exploration Rocket back to Earth, but secretly it was responsible for both. After gaining humanity’s trust, Alien Zarab captures Hayata, then transforms into Imitation-Ultraman to attack a city and discredit the peoples’ belief in Ultraman. However Hayata is freed by Isamu Hoshino, and then Ultraman and Imit-Ultraman begin to fight. Alien Zarab’s identity is revealed after being hit with Ultraman’s Spacium Beam. Alien Zarab brings the fight into the air, but is ultimately defeated by another Spacium Beam attack.

“Zarab” is said to mean “brother” in the language of its race. The alien makes another appearance controlled by the Malicious Alien Mefilas, but it’s unclear if that Alien Zarab was real or not.


Also known as: the Vicious Alien
Height: 1.8 - 40m
Weight: 30 - 20,000t

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