Allien Goron

An alien that planned to take over Earth through turning earthlings into “ape-men” by swapping the brain waves of man and primate. Alien Goron possesses a natural super strength and attacks by emitting a hypnotic beam from its eyes.

Alien Goron disguised itself as a golden lion tamarin, a type of monkey, being cared for in Monkey Land, a monkey park situated near the Japan Rhine river valley in Central Japan. It used its brainwave hypnosis ability to control Monkey Land’s Professor Aoyama and his assistant Tamiko and made them his puppets. Alien Goron then began its plans by swapping the brainwaves of a Monkey Land employee with a monkey, giving birth to Ape-man Gorry. However the Ultra Guard became suspicious after Gorry escaped from Monkey Land and they received a report of two murdered police officers. Anne Yuri and Dan Moroboshi visited Monkey Land where Dan saw through Alien Goron’s disguise and it revealed its giant form.

Alien Goron fought against Dan after he transformed into Ultraseven and initially put him to sleep with his hypnotic beam and then overpowered him with its super strength, but met its end in an explosion after Ultraseven fired his Emerium Beam.


Alias: Space Ape-man
Height: 35m
Weight: 8000t

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