Alien Salome, known as the Invasion Alien, planned to invade the Earth and concentrated all of Planet Salome’s scientific knowledge into developing a robot that looked exactly like Ultraseven. Not only is it equipped with all of Ultraseven’s fighting capabilities like the Eye Slugger and Emerium Beam, its abilities are even stronger than the original’s.

It was constructed in an underground production facility beneath the Cape Irago Lighthouse on the coast of central Japan. Imit-Ultraseven was completed when Alien Salome equipped it with the Ultra Beam (Ultraseven’s Emerium beam), which Salome was able to reproduce after it captured Dan Moroboshi and forced him to share the beam’s chemical composition. Imit-Ultraseven then appeared in the ocean and used its Imit Emerium Beam to set the SS Kuroshio Maru on fire and then destroyed another nearby ship.

After Dan escaped he summoned the Capsule Monster Agira, but Agira hesitated against the perfect replica of Ultraseven and was defeated, unable to fight back. In its fight against the real Ultraseven the two fight evenly-matched, but in the end the Imit-Ultraseven is thrown high in the air by Original Ultraseven’s Body Windmill ability and explodes when it crashes back down into the sea.


Alias: Robot Superman
Height: 40m
Weight: 35,000t

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