A space monster hailing from the Crab Nebula. Bemstar inhales gas energy sources like nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen through the mouth in his abdomen. Bemstar’s main attack is a beam it fires from his horn.

Bemstar inhaled a MAT space station into his abdomen and then flew to Earth. The MAT Arrows 1 and 2 attacked it, but they had no effect. Bemstar vanished after using a beam attack to shoot down MAT Arrow 1.

Bemstar next appeared in the sky above a gas plant and used his mouth to inhale the gas from a tanker. MAT arrived to fight it, but after shooting down MAT Arrow 2, Bemstar vanished.

Eventually, Bemstar appeared to attack a gas storage tank and was attacked by a different MAT Arrow 2. Ultraman Jack appeared but it overpowered him, even absorbing Jack’s Spacium Beam. Ultraman Jack left the Earth to recharge his energy where he received the Ultra Bracelet from Ultraseven. Bemstar was defeated after Jack returned and cut him in half with the Ultra Spark.


Alias: Great Space Monster
Height: 46m
Weight: 61,000t

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