A monster that converts matter into light and absorbs the light as energy. Hideki Go theorized that a consciousness of light emerged when light photons were condensed repeatedly down to the size of matter. Pris-Ma fires beams from its core that crystallize matter that can then be turned into light. It absorbs solar rays during the day, and appears at night in search of man-made light.

Pris-Ma was imprisoned in a glacier in Antarctica for a long time, but thawed out due to changes in sunspot activity. It crossed the South Pacific Ocean, consuming lighthouses and ships at sea before it arrived in Japan. Pris-Ma overpowered Ultraman Jack in their first fight using beam attacks. Jack countered with his sub-zero Ultra Frost mist attack but as dawn arrived Pris-Ma disappeared. Later, MAT initiated a plan to lure Pris-Ma to a baseball stadium at night and lay in wait. It was weakened by their freezing bomb. Ultraman Jack shrinks down and enters inside Pris-Ma’s core where he fires a Spacium Beam and Pris-Ma explodes.


Alias: Light Monster
Height: 35m
Weight: 18,000t

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