Evil Tiga

A giant that appeared when Physicist Keigo Masaki stole the Sparklence from Daigo Madoka (Ultraman Tiga), turned to light, and fused with an Ultra-ancient statue. Evil Tiga attacks by firing purple “Evil Beam” light beams from both hands, and the “Evil Shot” light beam fired from his left hand.

Evil Tiga emerged from an underground shrine and flew to Kumamoto City. GUTS deployed the GUTS Wing EX-J to attack, but Evil Tiga blocked their attacks with his Evil Barrier technique and destroyed the surrounding buildings. The evil giant then lost his mind and went on a rampage. The Ultra-Ancient Lion-Dog Monster Guardie appeared to stop Evil Tiga, so the Giant attacked him with kicks and punches, severely injuring the monster. As Ultraman Tiga arrived to face the evil giant, Evil Tiga killed Guardie with an Evil Beam.

In the fight against Tiga that followed, the two giants appeared to be evenly matched, but Evil Tiga was injured by Tiga’s Chop technique and then hit by Tiga’s Zeperion Beam which returned the evil giant back to Keigo.


Alias: None
Height: 54m
Weight: 44,000t

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