Kyrieloid II

The form taken when Astral Lifeform Kyriel that had disguised themselves as a prophet and priestess fused together. Unlike the first Kyrieloid, this second Inferno Warrior could mimic Ultraman Tiga and type change into three different forms.

The Kyriels planned to gather more of their allies and opened a “gateway to Hell” in the skies above the city metropolis. The Kyriel prophet and priestess fused together into Kyrieloid II when Ultraman Tiga arrived to close the gateway. The new Kyrieloid and Tiga fought evenly matched, but when Tiga typed changed into Power Type, Kyrieloid changed into a similar form and overpowered Tiga with powerful kicks and punches. Then when Tiga changed into Sky Type, Kyrieloid changed into a Sky Type with abilities more powerful than Tiga and defeated him.

However, Captain Iruma called out to the people and they gathered around Tiga to bathe him in light. Tiga was revived as Multi Type and in their battle, Tiga got the upperhand. In the end, Tiga threw Kyrieloid against the gateway to Hell, and then destroyed both Kyrieloid and the gateway in a huge explosion from his Zeperion Beam.


Alias: the Infernal Warrior
Height: 55m
Weight: 45,000t

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