A space monster that controls people with his mind-control tongue and also sucks their blood. Gymaira can release toxic gas, high-voltage currents, and a monster beam.

Gymaira crashed landed on Earth after attacking a spaceship belonging to an alien called Sawako Hoshi. The space monster hid itself in a cave on an island. UGM’s Chief Ito came to the island to investigate the cave, so Gymaira used his monster beam to turn Ito into the Human Monster Lavras. The space monster than manipulated Lavras and his other servant the Octopus Monster Daron into attacking Ultraman 80.

Sawako stole bombs from the UGM base and used them to blow up Gymaira’s cave. With its home gone, Gymaira begins rampaging, destroying the Terrestrial Defense Forces that come to stop him. Next Gymaira fights 80 and uses his raw strength to overpower the Ultra with throws and kicks. Lavras aka Ito tried to help 80, so Gymaira showed dominance by piercing the human monster’s chest with his horn, killing it. However, in the end Gymaira is defeated in an explosion by 80’s Ultra Moonsault Kick.


Alias: Vampire Monster
Height: 59m
Weight: 52,000t

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