A space monster that served Alien Gorgon, a race of aliens that planned to assassinate all UGM captains around the world for the threat that UGM posed to the aliens’ Earth invasion plans. Saramandora’s body has incredibly tough skin and can regenerate from even just one cell. Saramandora’s mouth can fire missiles, and its nose can breathe fire.

Saramandora appeared suddenly in Tokyo and began raining down destruction. UGM arrived on the scene and analyzed the monster, discovering that the neck was its weak point. They use the Silver Gull’s division attack to end the monster’s life.

However, one Alien Gorgon recovered one of Saramandora’s cells and regenerated it with a beam, allowing the monster to continue destroying Tokyo. The UGM once again deployed the Silver Gull to use the division attack, now dubbed “Formation Yamato.” They aim Saramandora’s neck again, but the monster guards against the attack and continues destroying the city.

When Ultraman 80 arrived, Saramandora attacked him with missiles and fire attacks, but Ultraman 80 used his Ultra Eye Spot and the monster was burned completely down to every last cell.


Alias: Regeneration Monster
Height: 60m
Weight: 40,000t

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