A monster formed from the minus energy created by a young boy’s negative feelings. Hoe’s tears release sulfuric acid that melt the surroundings, and it can also spew flames from its mouth to attack.

The minus energy accumulated around Sakuragaoka and took on a physical form after inheriting the anger from the broken heart of Shinichi Nakao, one of Takeshi Yamato’s students. At first, Hoe just stood there crying and screaming, but as Shinichi’s anger intensified, Hoe became violent. Hoe destroyed the town while advancing towards the home of Midori, the girl who broke Shinichi’s heart.

Later, Takeshi convinced Shinichi to let go of his anger and Hoe’s will separated from the boy. Hoe even moved to attack Shinichi when he tried to protect Midori, but Ultraman 80 arrived to draw Hoe into combat. Hoe initially made easy work of 80 using fire attacks and spewing acid, but when the monster showed an opening, it was defeated by 80’s Succium Beam and Buckle Beam attacks.


Alias: Sulfuric Acid Monster
Height: 58m
Weight: 40,000t

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