A space monster that travels through space with his mother, Mother Zandrias. Zandrias attacks by firing beams from his mouth and flapping his wings to create gusts of wind.

Zandrias separated from his mother in space after a fight and crashed landed on Earth as an asteroid where it hid underground. The next day Mother Zandrias arrived in search of its child which prompted the young monster to come out from the ground. Mother Zandrias found its child under attack from UGM. Mother tried to convince Zandrias to fly back into space, but it refused.

Ultraman 80 arrived and resolved to stop the family feud between the monsters. He purposefully focused attacks on Mother Zandrias, and Zandrias stepped in to save its mother. 80 purposefully held back as the two combined their attacks against the hero to overpower him. Zandrias and his mother made amends and the pair flew off into space.


Alias: Spoiled Child Monster
Height: 48m
Weight: 19,000t

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