King Joe

A super robot created by Alien Pedan, an alien race with scientific knowledge that far surpasses humanity and had a mission to stop an International Defense Conference. King Joe can split apart into four separate space ships to move at high-speed, and attacks enemies with its superior strength and destructive beams fired from its forehead. King Joe’s body is made from an incredibly strong metal which easily reflects Ultraseven’s Eye Slugger as well as attacks from the Ultra Guard’s weapons.

In King Joe’s separate ship form, it dove into the ocean and destroyed the Terrestrial Defense Force’s submarine the SS Arthur. Then King Joe flew to an International Defense Conference being held in Kobe where it fused together before the onlooking TDF. The TDF was not able to stop King Joe as it attacked the Defense Center. Even when Ultraseven appeared and attacked with his Eye Slugger and Emerium Beam, his attacks bounced right off, leaving both Ultraseven and the TDF out of options. He tackled King Joe and pushed it on its back. Immobilized, King Joe split back into four separate ships and flew away.

King Joe reappeared in Kobe Bay after Alien Pedan decided to invade Earth for the last time. It unleashed destruction with many beam attacks, and when Ultraseven arrived, King Joe used its super strength to overpower him. Finally, the TDF launched their newly-developed R3C bomb at King Joe which made it freeze in place and then fall over and explode.


Alias: Space Robot
Height: 55m
Weight: 48,000t

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