A monster controlled by the Space Yeti Alien Wild that planned to steal the youthful lifeforce of earthlings with its “lifeforce camera”. Nurse looks like a dragon with a wavy, twisting body it can move freely, but can also coil its body into a flying saucer shape. Nurse fights using a beam attack fired from its lower part in saucer form and constricts enemies with its tail in dragon form.

Alien Wild summoned Nurse after the Ultra Guard stole its lifeforce camera and Nurse tunneled out from the peak of Mt. Inuyama in central Japan. It was shot down by the Ultra Hawk No. 1 and crash landed while shooting sparks from its tail. Nurse changed into its saucer form and when the Ultra Guard defeated Alien Wild it began attacking wildly with beam attacks.

Ultraseven arrived to face it, however Nurse overwhelmed Ultraseven with high-speed spin attacks and then confined him, constructing him with its tail. Ultraseven was able to use his Ultra Power to tear Nurse into pieces, winning the battle.


Alias: Space Dragon
Length: 120m
Weight: 15,000t

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