A species of space monster that absorbs the heat-emitting energy of a planet and transforms it into a frozen dead planet. Margodon converts absorbed energy into a freezing gas it releases from its body.

Margodon came to Earth seeking its energy, landing in Minamibaru City in Kyushu. After wiping out the city with its freezing gas, the UGM deployed Sky Higher to counter attack with missiles. However, Margodon neutralized the attack by absorbing the heat produced by the missiles' explosions.

The UGM determined that lowering the monster’s temperature would make it hard and brittle. They initiated “Operation Giant Ball”, a plan to hoist a giant iron ball to two fighter jets to drop onto the space monster. Margodon evaded the first attempt by using freezing gas to knock the Silver Gull out of the sky. Then, UGM Officer Harada returned from the Australian branch and joined Officer Tajima in piloting two new fighter jets. They dropped a capsule of freezing solution to freeze Margodon in place, and then used the giant iron ball to shatter the monster into pieces.


Alias: Freezing Monster
Height: 70m
Weight: 33,000t

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