Plazma and Minazma

The older brother monster to the younger Combine Monster, Minazma. Plazma fires a “Positive Charge Beam” from the horn on its head, and can combine attacks with Minazma to make them more powerful.

Plazma hid underground with its brother Minazma. Every day at midnight they communicated using erratic radio signals. These signals made the UGM falsely believe that 14 monsters were converging around Tokyo. However, their plan was foiled when Takeshi Yamato and Ryoko Hoshi investigated the signals’ source and analyzed the data. The UGM tried to use their “subterranean gas bomb” to lure the monsters above ground, but the monster survived the explosion. However, when a young boy visited Iwangan mountain and played his radio, Plazma mistook the radio signals for Minazma and came to the surface. Takeshi rushed to the scene and transformed into Ultraman 80. Plazma called on Minazma and a fierce battle ensued.

Plazma retaliated using his super strength, Positive Charge Beams, and combination attacks with Minazma. The pair had 80 in a difficult situation, but Ryoko transformed into Yullian to join the fight. The Combine Monsters were hit by Yullian and 80’s combined double power attack and they perished in an explosion.

The younger brother monster to the older Combine Monster, Plazma. Minazma fires a “Negative Charge Beam” from the horn on his head, and can fuse with Plazma by putting their backs together to become even stronger.

Minazma operated underground and communicated with Plazma everyday at midnight using erratic radio signals. These signals made the UGM falsely believe that 14 monsters were hidden around Tokyo. Later, Minazma responded to a signal from Plazma when the older monster was under attack by the UGM. It emerged from underground and delivered a single blow with its tail to Takeshi Yamato that left him seriously injured.

Takeshi transforms into Ultraman 80 to fight the monsters. Minazma timed attacks with Plazma to push back the Ultra. The monsters fuse to repel both 80’s Succium Beam and Buckle Beam, then separate and to team up and overpower Ultraman 80. Yullian arrived to help which allowed 80 to get back on his feet. Minazma and Plazma fused together again, but they are hit by 80 and Yullian’s Double Power attack and are caught in an explosion.


Alias: Combine Monster
Height: 60m
Weight: 30,000t

Alias: Combine Monster
Height: 58m
Weight: 40,000t

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