One of the Ultra-Ancient Monsters that was awakened from its 30 million-year slumber, Mebla is also known as the “sky-splitting monster”. Melba attacks by firing energy rays from its eyes and can fly at Mach 6 speed.

Melba first surfaced at Easter Island and began moving towards Akita City where Tiga lay dormant as a stone statue. Melba met another Ultra-Ancient Monster Golza and went to the land of Tiga, and the pair of monsters destroyed two of the three giant stone statues there.

Just then, Daigo Madoka fused with the giant statue and revived Ultraman Tiga. The Multi Type Tiga fought back against Melba and Golza, but Golza fled after being countered by Tiga’s Power Type. Melba took to the sky and fired energy rays at the Ultra, but Tiga typed changed again into Sky Type, and brought Melba back to the ground with his Sky Kick attack. Melba was then hit by Tiga’s Runbolt Beam Shell and exploded.


Alias: Ultra-Ancient Dragon
Height: 57m
Weight: 46,000t

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