An Ultra-Ancient Monster that was woken up from its 30 million year slumber caused by abnormal natural phenomena. The Ultra-Ancient civilization’s prophecy refers to Golza as “the monster to shake the Earth”. Golza’s primary attack is an Ultrasonic Ray emitted from its forehead.

Golza first surfaced in Mongolia where it tried to attack a town, but the monster hesitated at the sight of a GUTS Wing flare and burrowed back underground. Golza next appeared near Akita City and headed for the Land of Tiga where the Ultra-Ancient Pyramid was found.

Once Golza arrived at the pyramid, it tried to destroy it with its ultrasonic ray. At the same time, the Ultra Ancient Dragon Melba arrived at the pyramid and the pair of monsters destroyed two of the three giant stone statues inside. The final statue was revived as Ultraman Tiga and began to fight back. Golza teamed up with Melba to overpower Tiga, but after Tiga type changed into Strong Type and hit the monster with a beam, Golza was thrown by the Ultra and then escaped back underground.


Alias: Ultra-Ancient Monster
Height: 62 meters
Weight: 68,000 tons

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