Psycho Alien Baltan

The leader of the Alien Baltan race that plotted to eliminate Ultraman Powered and invade the Earth. Psycho Alien Baltan does not attack himself, but instead issues attack orders from aboard his giant flying saucer. The alien leader emits a Psychowave which allows him to control Alien Baltan and other monsters.

Psycho Alien Baltan began by sending subordinates to Earth but they were defeated by Powered. After that, the alien leader boarded his saucer and recruited the Comet Monster Dorako while on-route to Earth. Although Dorako failed to defeat Powered, the data the Alien Baltan leader gained was transferred into the Space Dragon Zetton, a monster created to face Powered.

While Zetton and Powered’s fight ended in a draw, Psycho Alien Baltan arrived at Earth in his saucer. However, the WINR Sky Hunter Mech fired a powerful laser at the same time as two orb-shaped figures from planet M78 fired beams of their own. The attacks hit simultaneously, and Psycho Alien Baltan was blown up along with the saucer.


Alias: Space Ninja
Height: Micro - 75m
Weight: 0 - 26,000t

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