A kaiju with a ferocious nature.
Normally, Mogusion lives deep underground and preys on other subterranean kaiju, however, when food is scarce, it comes to the surface and attacks wild animals and livestock.

When Mogusion captures its prey, it emits electromagnetic waves from the petal-like organs on its palms.
The electromagnetic waves will affect the prey’s brain, inducing fear and aversion-related hallucinations and disabling them in a panic. Mogusion then prey on the target by entangling it with its long, extended tongue.

Even if spared from Mogusion's hallucination attack, a variety of attack techniques awaits the opponent, such as a slashing attack by vibrating its head like an electric saw, a claw attack using its extending arm, strike attack by its tail and biting.

Mogusion also excels in defensive abilities, such as catching Blazar's Rainbow Slash with its hand and throwing it back.
The reason for taking away the opponent's movement is assumed to be for intimidation before going to the ground and for predation once on the ground.



Alias: The Vision Kaiju
Height: 54 meters
Weight: 59,000 tons

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