A master swordsman who visits Earth to help the wandering souls of kaiju. He defeated many kaijus in the past, but one day, he met an incredible sword master and lost the duel. After Zangill lost the match, he changed his ways.
Since then, he has been on a mission to use a crystal with a special power to give a temporary form to invisible souls and slay the souls of wandering kaiju in order to guide them to enlightenment. The goal is to bring peace to 108 souls.

Normally, Zangll's appearance before its giant size is visible as his human form, but to Gento, its true form is visible.
In Zangill’s human form, he wears a long, tattered coat and a hood over his eyes.
He transforms his right arm into a sword-like shape and releases a slashing wave from the sword, which cuts through the kaiju’s soul and disperses it.

When Zangill arrived on Earth, he learned all about the history of Earth.
He was so impressed with the Japanese Samurai culture that he has adopted their way of speaking on Earth. He is also a coffee drinker, calling it a culture that the Earth should be proud of.



Alias: The Space Samurai
Height: 2.2 - 54 meters
Weight: 77 kilograms - 54,000 tons

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