A Terrible-monster sent by the Extradimentional Being, Yapool, who plotted to invade the Earth. Vakishim can fire missiles from his nose and mouth and spit out 70,000℃ flames. Vakishim can also disguise himself in human form.

Disguised as Shiro Nakamori, a boy who died in an accident, Vakishim waved to Yuko Minami on patrol in the skies above Onigadake in the TAC Arrow. Then he appeared in Terrible-Monster form, appearing from a mysterious parting in the sky. Vakishim shot down a commercial aircraft with missiles and then disappeared back into the sky. Next, Vakishim appeared in front of Member Hokuto and also shot down his TAC Arrow.

After killing Shiro’s mother and father at their home near Onigadake, Vakishim returned to the Terrible-Monster form when TAC came to investigate. Vakishim fired missiles and teleported the projectiles through a portal to attack the TAC Base. It then faced Ultraman Ace after Hokuto and Minami transformed. Vakishim’s flame radiation was blocked by Ace’s Ultra Neo Barrier and its missiles destroyed by his Slash Beam. Finally, Vakishim was defeated when Ace cut off his head using his Ultra Slash.


Alias: Single-horned Terrible-monster
Height: 65m
Weight: 78,000t

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