The first monster sent by the Extradimensional Being, Yapool. Verokron mainly attacks with the protrusions on his back, shoulders and head, the missiles in his mouth and hands, and the flames he spits from his mouth.

Verokron appeared in Fukuyama City in Hiroshima Prefecture to attack the city, then wiped out the Terrestrial Defense Force with flames and missiles.

Next moving to Tokyo, Verokron moved to attack Tokyo Tower, unfazed by the attacks from the newly-formed TAC, Terrible-monster Attacking Crew.

Verokron then faced off against Ultraman Ace who appeared on Earth for the first time. Verokron pushed Ace back with missile attacks and his terrible hand ring, a ring of energy emitted from his arms. In the end, Verokrom was defeated by Ace’s Metalium Beam.


Alias: Missile Monster
Height: 55m
Weight: 44,440t

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