A space bomber kaiju believed to have the habit of causing massive explosions by using the organic bomb clusters materialized from its tail, altering the orbit of planets and then colliding them with other stars as it moves.

When flashes run through the transparent head of Varallon, the blinking spheres simultaneously activate and cause a massive explosion. It emits mysterious rays from its eyes, intense electric shocks from the spines at the tips of the four protrusions on its back, and the blades on its stomach become rotating saws.

After cornering SKaRD and Blazar on the lunar surface, it bites onto Blazar's right arm, absorbing the last remnants of energy and causing the lumps on its back to contract into tentacles. Its tail undergoes deformation, the large horn on its head rotates forward, and the giant claws on both hands also rotate as it transforms into its second form.


Alias: The Space Bomber Kaiju
Height: 55 - 60 meters
Weight: 66,000 - 69,000 tons

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