Ultraman 80

Ultraman 80

Ultraman 80 is an Inter Galactic Defense Force member who was sent from Nebula M78 Land of Light to protect Earth. He believes that monsters are born from the evil thoughts of human beings, therefore he became a junior high school teacher named Takeshi Yamato to lead children into the right path. His fighting style is speedy and acrobatic. He fights against monsters and evil aliens with his abundant psychic abilities and beam attacks.


Height - 50 m
Weight - 44,000 t

Special Moves - Succium Beam
Succium Beam is shot from Ultraman 80’s arms arranged in an L-shape and is Ultraman 80’s most proficient beam attack. It is mainly shot from his right arm, but can also be shot from his left arm. He stretches his left arm vertically and his right arm horizontally just before the shot to gather up Succium Energy.

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