Ultraman Powered

Ultraman Powered

An Alien belonging to Nebula M78, an organization dedicated to upholding peace in the Galaxy.
In pursuit of the Alien Baltans who sought to subdue the Universe, he transformed into a red orb and flew to Earth, landing in the outskirts of Los Angeles, USA. Kai Kenichi came to investigate the orb, where Ultraman Powered asked for his help. Powered fused with Kai, and after defeating the threat of Alien Baltan and protecting humanity, he decides to stay on Earth until he can be sure it is truly safe.
He promises Kai that he can continue to live as himself in human form after they fuse, and Kai transforms into Powered using the Flash Prism to fight against monsters and alien invaders. Powered goes on to defeat many foes with his diverse array of special attacks like his iconic Mega Spacium Beam.
In the deciding battle against the Baltans he separates from Kai. The battle culminates with Powered defeating the Baltans and the Zetton they controlled, and then runs out of energy. At that moment red orbs flew down to Earth to guide him and, turning into a red orb himself, Powered bids farewell to Kai and flies off into space.


Height: 55m
Weight: 58,000t
Special Moves:
Mega Spacium Beam
Powered Slash

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